September 02, 2014

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2014 Fall Fashion Trends

September has us thinking about Fall, and in preparation, we have gathered the Fall '14 trends, straight from runway to kick us into cooler-weather gear.   It's hard to let go of Summer, but nothing is impossible if you dress for it, right?


Matchy-Matchy Sets:  Tops and bottoms that are made for each other are sure to save you some AM time.


Wrap Around Coats: These are cape-like, which is also a trend this fall.  Solids or patterns.

Leopard: As we have learned in recent years, leopard is a neutral.

Animal Accents: Owls, Foxes, Cats...


Pastel: Usually seen in Spring, these sweet shades are making a Fall splash in textured materials materials & feminine coats.

Capes:  This alternative to a coat is both chic and keeps you warm for days.

Blue is the Fall '14's color

Shierling: An alternative to fur that is more casual and equally warm.

Grey:  This doesn't surprise us. Grey is a staple Fall color.

Statement bags: Speak your inner Beyonce through your oversized clutch.

Midi skirt: The trend continues, even for shortys.

Orange: There's a tone for every skin.