September 18, 2014

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Behind the scenes at market

We were recently in Las Vegas, buying all of our Fall pieces, and we wanted to share the backstage access with you!  We wish we could take all of you to pick out  your favorite pieces, we love to hear your opinions via our Instagram!

We had the chance to take one of our favorite girls, Sydney James. You might know her from the E! reality show, "Eric and Jessie: Game On."  She is a doll and has great style!  We partnered with her to pick out some of her favorite items, which we now have a special tab for on our front page (Sydney's favorites).  

We wanted to re-cap some of our shots so you had a chance to see our experience all in one place.

As far as buying, we were looking for fun, unique pieces, combined with soft, cozy classics that you can't live without!  Sydney's style is a mix of boho-comfy, and her pieces reflect that relaxed, yet chic sense.

We got plaids, denim, leather, fur, knits, fringe...a lot of things that you will absolutely love in your wardrobe!  

We started with some striped rompers for the late Summer/early Fall heatwaves:


Then we went for fur gold!  And we can't wait to see these pieces in your winter wardrobe!


Plaid and sequins were high on the list:


Nobody can be sad when they're holding a cupcake or surrounded by clothes!


We had a vision for these fringe booties and we were dancing when we got them!


And, while in hard, play hard!

Some of Sydney's picks:

One of our favorites picks was this oversized ultra cozy vest:

Post Vegas, Sydney work her first pick, the Sailor top!  How adorable are those stripes with crochet insets?!