Opening our Retail Store

Sometime dreams become reality.  When I opened our online business, I always said I would never open a brick and mortar store.  I  have four children and a husband who travels for work, but to be honest, I was afraid.  I was afraid to put myself out there and I was afraid of failure.   Our online business had grown rapidly and I knew it was time to look at space.  My husband, kids and girlfriends kept telling me to take the risk and open a store.  I had said for years that our town needed a store like Sugar Love, but fear always got the best of me.  I tell my kids to follow their dreams and I decided to take my own advice.  So after many discussions and prayers, we started to look at retail space as a family.  


We found the perfect space for our new store and went to work on designing how we wanted it to look and feel.  The space needed to be warm and inviting with a touch of girly glam!  We wanted lots of positive quotes and a candy bar for our customers to take some sugar with them!

We signed our lease in January and hoped to be able to host a Sneak Peek party the beginning of March.   After many sleepless nights and lots of shopping...we were excited to show Fort Wayne what we had been working on.



We hosted our Sneak Peek party as planned the first week of March.  It was an amazing day that we will never forget! Opening a family business has taught us many things and we continue to learn as we grow. It has really been a dream come true.  We have loved bringing Sugar Love to life!  If you live in the Fort Wayne area, come and see us!  xo




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