Rewards Program FAQ

How do I sign up for the Sugar Love Rewards Program?

Click on the Rewards Program icon on the bottom right of your screen. Then click the Join Now or Log in button.  You will be the first to know about new arrivals, blog posts, sales and product restocks! 

I’m having issues in my account, who should I contact?

If you're having technical difficulties or have confusion over how the points system works, please contact our customer service department at  

How do I start earning points after joining?

To welcome you to the program, you will automatically receive 200 points! There are so many ways to earn points! You’ll receive points for every dollar spent and will be rewarded for sharing us on Facebook. Additionally, you'll receive points on your birthday! Be sure to check the Rewards Program Dashboard on the bottom right of our screen for all the ways to earn and different advantages of each VIP tier. 

How do earn points for my birthday?

After logging in, you can enter your birthday by clicking on "Rewards Program" then "Ways to Earn" then "Enter Date". A customer will not get rewarded points for their birthday this year if they enter a date that is in the next 30 days. They will be rewarded the following year on that date. We encourage customers to enter their birthday when they create their account. 

Can I have multiple accounts or transfer points to another account?

You can only have one account and one login for our Rewards Program. One account will be associated with your points and you cannot combine email accounts. By having one account, it will allow you to build a higher point balance and redeem for more money off. Our point program started September 16st, 2019 for in-store purchases. You will not receive points for in-store purchases made before this date. 

I shop online and in-store, do I have different accounts?

By using the same email for your online account and in-store purchases, it will make it easier to keep all your points and rewards together. 

How do I check my points?

Simply log into your account from the Reward Program icon located on the bottom right of your screen. Your balance can also be viewed on the top of your account log in page! If you are in-store, just ask an employee and they will let you know. 

Do my points expire?

Points will expire after a year of inactivity. In other words, as long as you continue to earn (or spend) your points, they’ll remain in your account. And don’t worry, we’ll give you fair warning (via email) if your points are going to expire.

I have lost points in my account. Why did this happen?

Points will be deducted when items are refunded. This applies for in-store and online orders minus tax. Please contact if you believe a mistake happened. 

How long do I get to keep my status once I’ve reached a VIP tier?

Once you've graduated to a new status, you've earned that status for the rest of the calendar year as well as the following calendar year. For example, if you hit the point threshold for Rose Gold on August 1, you retain Rose Gold status until December 31 of the following year. You must hit the point threshold for your VIP tier every calendar year to re-qualify for it year over year.

How can I spend the points?

We offer three tiered discounts, per points earned. Once you reach a new tier you will be eligible to redeem points for dollars off. By redeeming points you will receive a discount code you will use and place in the discount code box at checkout. If you choose, you can wait and accumulate your points earned to redeem a bigger discount! You cannot use points to purchase a gift card. Points rewards cannot be combined with another coupon code. You can check the Rewards Program Dashboard on the bottom right of our screen for all the ways to spend!

I placed an order; how long will it take for my points to be applied?

Your points will be allocated once your order ships, so check back and watch those points add up!

Are there limitations on earning points?

Reward points are eligible on merchandise prices only; taxes are not eligible to earn rewards.

How do the coupon codes work, do they expire?

Once you've earned a reward, it will remain in your account until you're ready to redeem it. Note, each code is single-use and remaining balances cannot carry over for future purchases. Your Sugar Love coupon code can be used simultaneously with a Sugar Love gift card, but it cannot be combined with other promotional codes. If you redeem points online, this code can only be used online. If you would like to redeem points for an in-store purchase, please let our employee know before checking out. 

What is the free tier gift?

When you reach Gold or Rose Gold status, the gift will ship to your home to all members who are eligible throughout the year, not when you reach the status.