Father's Day Gift Guide

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for. Gift-giving holidays are often paired with the constant question of what to get dad. We can't be the only ones constantly scratching our heads when Father's Day rolls around each year so this year, we decided to get a jump on things and create a gift guide for Father's Day! Follow along for our tips for buying gifts for the dads in your life:

1. Stick to brands he loves.

One of the most popular menswear and men's accessories brands right now is Hook & Tackle. Chances are, if your dad enjoys being outdoors, he will love Hook & Tackle. You can grab a hat (one of these baseball caps or straw hats are perfect!), a pair of stretchy performance shorts (with lots of pockets if he enjoys activities like fishing), or one of these high-quality shirts. These long sleeve shirts include SPF to keep your dad safe from the sun, and are super soft and lightweight.

2. Get gifts that you can enjoy together

Lots of dads will say they don't need gifts - they just want to spend time with you. While we love how sweet our dads are, we know they secretly want some kind of gift to enjoy. So we found a great way to check both boxes! Buy gifts that you can both enjoy together. If your dad enjoys games, these classy board games are perfect. We also grabbed a magnetic darts kit and a barbecue set. Your dad will love getting the chance to play a game with you or teach you his tips and tricks at the grill. You can't go wrong with some tools either - this extendable flashlight tool is a great addition to his collection. And of course, every dad needs a wallet upgrade. If your dad is still carrying around a chunky wallet, gift him this slim leather money clip. 

 3. Get him something that he wouldn't buy for himself.

Dads can be hard to buy for, but if you look for the things in his life that could use a little upgrade, buying a gift for him might get easier. There are a lot of things that your dad might want but would never buy for himself. For example, if your dad dresses up for work or events, he might need to upgrade his wardrobe. One of these Mizzen & Main shirts is a perfect gift for the dad who likes to look dapper. These shirts are great because they are essentially wrinkle-proof. If your dad will be traveling and needs to pack a dress shirt, this is the one he wants. These toiletry bags make great gifts too - especially for the dad who still uses a gallon-size plastic bag as a toiletry kit. They are practical but luxurious and will make your dad feel so special. Finally, gift him a Swig tumbler (we swear by these cups!), a Duke & Cannon solid cologne, and this slim billfold to make his everyday routine a little more special. 

4. If he enjoys a good drink, get him what he needs to enjoy it at home. 

A lot of people enjoy a good drink at the end of the day, but let's be honest - going out for a drink after work or a long day is not ideal. So gift your dad the tools he needs to make his favorite cocktail at home! This 10-in-1 bar tool is sure to fill the gaps in his bar accessory collection, and will help him make all kinds of drinks for himself or guests! These whiskey stones are such a fun gift for any whiskey-loving dads out there. Plus, they come in a fancy velvet storage bag so he'll feel like a king when he uses them. Is your dad more of a wine guy? This wine set comes with a corkscrew and a pourer, something every home bar needs! This cocktail shaker will make him feel like a true bartender (and maybe inspire him to learn some new tricks!) and these flasks are perfect for when he wants to take the party with him. 

5. Get him some self-care essentials. 

These Duke & Cannon skincare and haircare items are the ultimate self-care gifts for dad. This travel kit has the essentials and are perfect for the traveling dad. This hair pomade is great for the dad who wants to refine his look. Already know he loves Duke & Cannon? Grab a full size face wash or moisturizer. This Beer Soap is a best-selling gift item and these solid colognes are a special take on an old stand-by. 

Still not sure what to get? Stop by and let us shop with you, or send us a DM for a more specific gift suggestion! 


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