How to Define Your Personal Style - 3 Hacks for Finding Your Best Look!

Instead of a styling tip, this week we want to share some of our favorite tips for creating your own style! We love to see women step out in their own individual style and make each outfit reflect their personality. Fashion is such a great way to express yourself - make sure you're expressing the true you!

Here are our top tips for defining your personal style & staying true to you

1. Never say never. 

"I could never wear that" is something we hear a lot at Sugar Love. This statement is never true! We firmly believe that there is nothing off-limits when it comes to fashion. The best fashion advice we can offer is to always try. Try on those boyfriend jeans - you never know how much you might love them! Give a dress a chance, even if you live in jeans. You just might love how you look! We recommend always taking at least one item in the fitting room that is outside of your comfort zone - you never know what might become your new favorite piece in your wardrobe.

2. Don't act your age.

Another common phrase we hear at Sugar Love is "I'm too old to wear that". We hear it often & it is never true! No matter your age, your style should reflect who you are. You might feel like you're too old for things like distressed denim or a fun, flirty blouse but the truth is - you're not! Plus, this goes both ways. Maybe you feel like you're too young to rock a pointed heel and a button-up blouse - don't let that stop you! Wear what you love and what you feel confident in.

3. Keep it comfy.

No matter how casual or formal your outfit is, it is always possible to prioritize your comfort. It is so important to feel comfortable in what you wear - when you feel comfortable, you feel more confident and put-together. Nothing is worse than wearing clothes that don't fit well or need constant adjustment. When you are out shopping, pick pieces that you won't have to sacrifice your comfort to wear. At home, make sure you are not allowing clothes that you hate to wear take up space in your closet! The best way to always look and feel stylish is to be sure that you love everything in your wardrobe.

Our mission is to help women feel beautiful, empowered, and celebrated for who they are. Every day we get to help women find their look & feel confident in their own skin. We hope these tips help you find your own personal style and confidence! 

Want personalized styling advice? Drop a comment here or send us a DM on social media. We're happy to help! 

XOXO, Sugar Love

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  • Donna Meyers

    I have lost weight in the last couple of years. None of my jeans fit now. Stopped in your store on a whim. Felt like a mouse at the Cinderella Ball. Had the up most pleasure of having Suzanne (spelling?) help me pick out some jeans. Never paid so much for a pair of jeans in my life but, they made me feel good about my new size and I was awarding myself for it! She is so beautiful. Left feeling like I was part of the ball too. Thank you!

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