How To Wear Denim in the Summer

It's summer! We are fully immersed in the heat and sunshine of the summer months and our wardrobes have transitioned from spring layers to light & fun summer looks. Or have they? 

Maybe you have your designated summer looks that you pull out of storage each year & you're good to go. That's great! That might not be you though. It's not the way we roll! We use outfits across seasons and try to get the most out of each of our looks. That's why we decided to make this guide to wearing denim in the summer! 

Denim tends to rule our closets from fall to spring, but it can be hard to incorporate it into our summer wardrobes. Here are our favorite ways to wear denim without sacrificing your summer style:

1. Light wash denim jacket

Wyatt Light Wash Denim Jacket

We love a denim jacket! While some have a more autumnal look, a light wash denim jacket with an ample amount of distressing transitions beautifully into summer fashion. Pair it with a lightweight jumpsuit or maxi - you'll love how it can elevate your look and help you go from the heat of the day to those cool summer nights effortlessly.

2. Chambray cami

 Knox Chambray Cami

In the heat of the summer, sometimes less is more. On those sunny days, a tank top and a pair of jeans or shorts is the go-to look. A light chambray cami can be a perfect choice for your look - pair with white or black shorts and a pair of sandals for a summery outfit that will keep you comfortable.

3. Midi or Maxi Denim Dress

 Denim Midi Dress

Do you have an event to attend this summer? A chambray denim dress might be perfect for you! Dress it up with a pair of strappy heels or dress it down with a flat sandal - the choice is yours! From weddings, to grad parties, to backyard BBQs. A chambray denim dress is a great addition to your summer wardrobe - plus it can transition into autumn too! Just add a cardigan

4. Denim shorts

 Denim Shorts and Flannel Tank

We can't make a list of our favorite ways to wear denim in the summer without including denim shorts! This summer we saw the return of tons of styles! Bermudas, paper bag, distressed, mom shorts, and cut-offs. All of these styles have gone in and out of fashion but seem to be back in a big way! Our personal favorite shorts - the Jane shorts from KUT from the Kloth - sold out in our store in a DAY. We restocked them but they are still flying off the shelves because the fit is unbelievable. Pair with a fun flannel cut-off, like the Hunter top pictured above, and some sneakers or low booties for a great summer look. 

5. Denim jeans

 Jeans with a fun top

Even though we're in the heat of the summer, jeans are still a great outfit option! On those cooler days, a pair of jeans and a fun, summer top (like the Dixie top shown above) can maintain your summer style while dressing for the weather. 

6. Denim mini dress

Denim Tunic Dress

Our final denim look that we love to rock in the summer is a chambray denim mini dress. With a piece like this, you get the best of both worlds. You get the denim look and can pair anything with it (denim is so versatile!) but you'll also stay cool in the summer heat. Paired with sneakers, this look is perfect for running errands or grabbing lunch with a friend. Paired with heels, this look is great for grad parties, casual weddings, and dinner parties. The chambray keeps the fabric light without sacrificing that classic denim look. 

We love to wear denim in the summer - it just requires a little creativity! 

What are your favorite summery denim looks? Drop them in the comments below! 

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XOXO, Sugar Love 

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