Spring Break Packing Tips

It's that time of the year that many families pack up and head south!  If you are like me, packing for the rest of the family usually takes priority over packing for myself, so I try to keep it as easy as possible.  I also travel alot for work and have learned a few tips to make packing a little easier.

When I am flying, comfort is key.  If it is winter and I am heading somewhere warmer, l wear jeans, a tee, mules and a cardigan.  In the summer and fall, I wear a simple maxi dress, cardigan and slip-on sandals.  Wearing slip-on shoes and not wearing a belt makes security go a lot quicker.  When you arrive if you have a cardigan on, it is easy to slip it off and be ready for warmer weather.


I usually pack a casual bottom and a dressier one for evening and then add tops that I can mix and match.  For warmer weather, white jeans are a great piece to take because you can pair so many different tops with them.

Taking some simple tops (like our Alice top) that can be styled with jeans or shorts is also essential!  Tops like this can be worn in the daytime with your shorts and at night you can add a jacket and some fun jewelry!  I always pack my earrings and necklaces individually in Ziploc snack bags so they don't get tangled or lost.  This makes them easy to pack and I just put them in my makeup bag.  I only take a few simple pieces that can be worn with multiple outfits.  (I usually take a stud earring, a hoop and maybe one pair of statement earring and I also just take one or two necklaces that can be worn alone or layered together.)

Another piece I always take is a maxi dress.   I like to take a simple one that can be worn multiple ways.  I wear it with flat sandals during the day and dressed up with a heel at night.  I also always pack a denim or leather jacket that could be worn with my maxi dress, simple tops and most other outfits as well.

Another fun piece I love to take on vacation is a kimono.  I usually take a couple of them!  I wear these with jeans and a tee, shorts, over a maxi dress and I also wear them as a swim cover-up!


When it comes to shoes, I usually try to bring one neutral heel that can be worn with any of my evening looks and then I choose a neutral and black flat sandal that I can wear with everything.  Lastly, I add some neutral flip flops that can be worn with my swimsuits and kimonos.

When packing I always roll everything!  I read this years ago and it really does help to fit more in your suitcase and helps things not to wrinkle!   (I also always bring a travel steamer just in case!  You can get them at Target or on Amazon)

Wishing you safe travels and fun spring break!




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