3 Summer Trends to Flatter Your Arms

We love summer and warm-weather fashion - but sometimes we want a little more covered than a lot of summer fashion trends allow. This year, we're relying on these two trends to help us stay comfy AND trendy as the temperature climbs and the sun shines!

1. Ruffle Sleeves 

We are huge fans of the ruffle sleeve trend. This look allows you to wear a tank top or "sleeveless" dress without having to completely expose your arms. While we want you to know that you are beautiful just the way you are, we also totally understand wanting to wear something that feels a little more comfortable and covers the arm a little more. This ruffle sleeve look is such a fun way to stay comfy while dressing for these warmer months. Keep scrolling to see our favorite ruffle sleeve looks! 

2. Shoulder Pads

Another trick for being comfy and season-appropriate is to pick silhouettes that flatter and enhance your look! Shoulder pads are back in fashion and they can totally transform your style! The boxier silhouette is a great way to define your angles and add a flattering dramatic element to your shape. They tend to make your arms and hips appear slimmer because they draw the eye out then down! They are super trendy and are a great way to upgrade a basic tee look. Check out our favorite shoulder pad looks below!

3. Off-the-shoulder Tops

Finally, if you want to cover your arms but stay cool for the summer, try an off-the-shoulder top! We love that these cover our upper arms while still showing our shoulders for a fun, flirty look! You'll stay cool and comfy with a top that you feel confident in. Confidence is key - check out the styles we love to wear below! 

You deserve to feel beautiful and comfortable this summer and we hope these styles help you achieve that! Remember - it's okay to feel more comfortable in certain styles and you are stunning just the way you are! 

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XOXO, Sugar Love 

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